The way we live is by keeping things simple. Complicated things have always been too much or too judged. So we decided to just be simple, because we realized that simplicity is key... and it actually turns most heads. Our clothing follows a simple element, yet so effective and eye catching. 


We love having fun! All sorts of fun, whether its a good party or a chilled night on the beach by the campfire. The Panther lifestyle allows everyone to be themselves without judgement. 

Some of our preferred beverages are Hugo Prosecco and Pina Colada! We will have various gigs and events throughout the year so feel free to come along to any of them! Join the Panthers for a great night!


The sexiness and beauty element comes from all around and from everyone. Because our clothes are so simple, they can be matched with anything to create something sexy and beautiful. By following us on social media and what we do, you too can implements these elements into your life. You will see tips and advice from our Panthers, what to wear and how as well as how to embrace your sexiness and beauty. 

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